Reasons Why You Should Travel the Globe

Reasons Why You Should Travel the Globe

15th September 2016 3 By Admin

Most of us know someone who travels a lot, they often never stop talking about their adventures. Some of them might recommend you jumping on a plane with no plan on your destination. Making that jump, however, isn’t always easy, I can remember preparing for my first time as stressful and scary.

I had to save money, get insurance, pack bags, vaccinations, sleep at airports and be vigilant when walking around at night with my gear (only for a few select locations). Not everyone in the world has the luxury to travel, if you are able-bodied and can save a little cash then what have you got to lose?

I know that’s how I initially felt and many others, it’s usually best to travel with friends when it’s your first time, but after that, you develop confidence and a sense of direction. Here are some of my reasons on why you should travel the globe.

1. Leave the Comfort-zone

It’s easy to get comfortable with a job, a house and a car but time will pass, and before you know it, you will keep reminiscing about lost opportunities. Leaving the comfort zone is not only empowering, but you discover more about yourself. Coming back from my travels, I didn’t want to go back to the same routine I had before I left, not when I came across so many challenges during my travels.

2. Learn New Skills

I was chilling at a hotel in Bangkok when I met Flow. He’s also from Germany and had travelled extensively in India for six months. He learned yoga, meditation and how to make cool jewellery from rubbish. The skills he attained have secured his travels financially. He bounces from country to country teaching others.

3. Taste Authentic Food

I thought I knew spicy food, but it wasn’t until I tried a green curry in Bangkok. I couldn’t close my mouth for 30 minutes, it was awesome. Whenever I see a friend boast on Facebook that they just had Thai in Germany, I laugh to myself, they are missing out.

In some cities, you can also sample high-end food for a fraction of what you would pay in your home country.

4. Make New Friends

The majority of friendships I had already established comprised of work colleagues, school friends and neighbours so it seemed like making friends while I travelled would be a lot harder. The friends you make while travelling usually develop into meaningful relationships; they don’t get upset if they haven’t heard from you in months or years. I made some friends who live in Bangkok. The great thing is that the next time I visit, they have a sofa to sleep on. They can even take me to the best places.

5. Learn a New Language

A French guy I met in Koh Phi Phi had spent a year in Australia. I initially thought he was Australian because of his accent. Travelling not only forces you to learn a new language but your dialect and accent can completely change too. I found myself saying “not have” instead of “I don’t have” after spending some time in Thailand (as this is how some Thai’s talk in English).

My trip to the UK may have strengthened my English proficiency. When I learned a few phrases in Thai, I found that I could also use it to talk in Cambodia.

6. Great Stories to Tell

Walking down unfamiliar streets during travelling might present an oddity or shocking revelation. Kids smoking while riding motorbikes was probably the first surprising thing I saw but this was tame in comparison to other experiences. The stories you hear about are the ones you won’t find on social media because they are just so crazy or hilarious. A British girl called Minnie told me how she was travelling on a bus in India for 8 hours. There was no toilet, so she peed into a crisp packet and threw it out of the window, talk about ingenuity!

7. Travelling is Educational

When I returned from travelling, I was shocked at how little others knew about the world. For instance, some people couldn’t find Laos on a map, thought Singapore was in China and that nobody speaks English in India. Travel taught me all about politics, geography, economy and history without visiting a classroom.

8. Loads of Opportunities

I always wanted to get involved in charity work when I lived in my home country, but there was either no availability or charities had completely taken control. When I went to Asia and Latin America, it was a different story. There, I could teach English to kids in rural villages for free food and accommodation. There are so many opportunities that you don’t realise until you are backpacking around the globe. If you wanted to live on an Island, you could work in a bar. At Hanoi, backpackers can work in hostels. Their job duties involve initiating party games like beer pong or flip cup. I even met a Russian who earned enough money through fire-dancing to live in Phuket.

9. Escaping

Goodbye mundane routine, goodbye boring town, goodbye everything! Why wouldn’t I want to go somewhere cheaper with better weather and live a stress-free life (almost stress-free)? The benefits that travelling has on your mental well-being are tremendous. I didn’t have to worry about waking up late or rushing to work while stuck in a traffic jam. Travelling is also great for anyone who has just come out of a relationship. They can quickly learn that there are 7 billion people in the world. They can even meet some awesome people that are better than the ex.

10. Appreciating Life

I didn’t acknowledge how the simple things in life can bring so much joy, like when someone helps you up after falling off a bike in the middle of nowhere or how a local touches your skin because they have never seen it. We get so caught up a hamster wheel that we don’t have a moment to stop and think this is great. As the great saying goes- “the best things in life aren’t things.”

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