Where in the World Do I Start?

Where in the World Do I Start?

15th October 2016 1 By Admin

This is the most frequently asked question by people who are planning to start travelling but are very confused about their debut. Well, you are about to set off on a journey filled with pleasures and memories, so there is no need to overthink about the places for your debut. But where in the world do I start? Just go with the flow of this post, and you’ll get answers to everything.


Seven Wonders

I know you have heard about them, but you might not have explored these seven exotic destinations in the World. Well, this is the perfect time to unshackle yourself and embrace each one of these wonders.

All of these spots are famous for their rich history, background and either constructional significance or natural beauty. If you are a newbie in the field of travelling, I highly encourage you to start from these seven destinations because the tourist incoming is quite dense, guaranteeing the soundness of facilities. I am sure you do not want to make your first experience a hectic one. So these seven destinations might suit you.


Continental Visit

It is always a good idea to travel one continent first, instead of visiting multiple countries in different continents. It provides a vibrant travelling experience, and you get to enjoy a variety of stuff (traditions, customs and tourists destinations) within a continent. Moreover, it also saves you from the hassle of abiding by ‘strict laws’ regarding tourists. For instance, most of the European countries have lenient rules if you are travelling within the continent.

But if, however, you are travelling from any other variant of the World, you have to go through an array of clearances every time you enter Europe. Depending upon your constraints, you could either visit a continent in a single trip or keep on visiting until you’ve captured every place in the lens.


The Closest Neighbour Countries

If you have discussed your travelling thoughts with anyone, they might have advised you to visit the neighbouring country as a travelling debut. If I suggest you honestly, I’d say that they are right! See, when you started studying, were you enrolled in the school or did you take off straight from the University? Yes, you got me!

The same phenomenon applies here. You learn a lot by travelling. Therefore, start with your country, your neighbouring countries, the continent you live in and then think about travelling the Globe! Take it step by step for your benefit.

However, those three options mentioned above have some pros and cons. For instance, on one hand, it aids you in fulfilling dreams and building connections and on the same side, you come across language difficulty and problems with adapting to a different culture. Though, prior preparation and research related to your destination could help you avoid such an issue.

Do you have any destinations yet? If you do, you might want to read my next post related to preparation before travelling the globe, if you don’t, check it out anyway, it might be useful for you in the future. Meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy your time!