Moving to USA Part II

Moving to USA Part II

1st March 2018 9 By Admin

The west coast

Generally, anyone who lives on the west coast (in particular Calfornia) are regarded as progressive and open-minded, maybe because of the good weather or good weed.

Leah (my travel partner in crime) and I visited San Francisco and took a tram through the city. It was a poignant moment as the slow-travelling cable car gave us snippets of the city. I guess it was like prepping ourselves for the next activities we had planned throughout the day.

The wonderful San Francisco

San Francisco has many small islands but none as notorious as Alcatraz; a desolate prison once placed on the Alcatraz that nowadays is used for tours. Leah and I went on a trip there because who doesn’t love prison tours. Some of America’s worst criminals supposedly stayed in Alcatraz, and past residents had etched their names on the exterior of the building, the first thing you will probably notice as you reach the dock.

Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco, California, USA.

The golden gate was also a grand spot for walking around and getting lost though we also travelled to the Land’s End Octagon House (which was nearby). This tourist hotspot was used as a watch-house for incoming ships (which were quite frequent because of the discovery of gold).

Hunting in Hollywood

After roaming around in San Francisco, it was time for a bit of celebrity hunting in Hollywood. Since Leah had limited time, we took a 1,5 hours flight to Los Angeles. Once we got to LA, we did the mandatory Hollywood sign selfie as well as look for celebrities on the walk of fame. Aside from following someone who we initially thought was Samuel L. Jackson, we didn’t see any celebs (maybe we should have spent more hours in coffee shops).

Johhny Depp’s Star, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Our misadventure down Hollywood made us feel like we needed an adventure which is why we went to the California Science Center. Exhibitions, space shuttles, IMAX movies, climbing and a high wire bicycle, were just some of the activities at the centre.
After all that rigorous activity, we deserved to relax, so we headed to the beautiful Santa Monica Bay, a fantastic location for people-watching.

The windy city

Chicago is neither the East Coast nor the West Coast. It is uniquely itself, Midwestern. It is known as the windy city for reasons I don’t know, maybe its bad weather or people have bad flatulence. My first impression of the town was how musical it was. There were street buskers everywhere playing jazz music. You can find Jazz clubs and heaps of comedy clubs too. It was impossible not to find something to do.

With visiting any new city, it’s always good to go for a view, the highest view possible which is why we went to the Skydeck Chicago. The Skydeck offered an incredible view of the city though it was scary since the balcony’s floor was made of glass.

Water fountain at Millenium Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The next on agenda was to visit Millennium Park. There is usually some activity taking place, and also it was close to the Cloud Gate, a famous sculpture often used as a backdrop in Hollywood movies. Chicago also had some of the best pizza I’ve ever tried in my life, in fact, I think that’s all I ate when I was there!!

So have you ever been to Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco? Let me know what your first impression of the city was. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family 🙂 Read my other blogs here. Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great day! Ciao!