Reasons Why You Should Travel the Globe

Most of us know someone who travels a lot, they often never stop talking about their adventures and recommend jumping on a

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Where in the World Do I Start?

This is the most frequently asked question by people who are planning to start travelling but are very confused about their debut. Well, you are about

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Preparing to Travel the World

Now that you are mentally prepared to make your life full of endeavours, let’s embark on the journey and do some necessary preparations.

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A Little Introduction..

Hello Pal! Welcome! On this platform, I am documenting all my travel experiences. Here is some basic info about me, I am a:

  • Learner: A full-time learner with multiple academic disciplines.
  • Former Radio Personality: Used to be a radio announcer and music director for one of International Student Organisations.
  • Social Media Influencer: Been on social media since early 2000, and have 270K followers on Twitter itself.
  • Part-time Traveller: Been to 74 countries since 2011, spent approximately 715 days of travel.
  • Volunteer: Have done some volunteering activities in several countries, and still is willing to get involved in any kind of social activities.

Next Step...

I give my honest review of airlines, hotels, places, transportations, and things that related to my trips. I’m an open book and willing to share my experience with other travellers.