Reasons Why I love Ireland

Just about anyone in the world knows of Ireland and the Irish people, renowned for their ability to tell jokes and free-spirited nature. The Irish don’t take life seriously and will often project a positive mindset over a negative mindset in any situation. On arrival in Ireland, it was raining heavily. The weather was glum…

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Hidden Treasures of Budapest

The city of Budapest has many nicknames in Europe. Sometimes it’s referred to as the Paris of East or to my surprise, even the city of Spas. It’s one of those cities in which only when you visit, you are able to put into words the general vibe and atmosphere. It’s mysterious, multicultural and magnificent.…

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Exploring Brussels in the Winter

Spending Christmas away from home isn’t easy. The prices get ramped up so high that water takes priority more over coffee and I need coffee in the morning. Arriving in Brussels in the early morning, the cold and windy weather should have disheartened me, but the Christmas decorations and smurf statues (Smurfs are Belgian) almost…

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