Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is one of my favourites [2/4]

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is one of my favourites [2/4]

15th June 2018 5 By Admin

Hi, welcome! Thanks for coming back to my blog! This is the second part of my ABC Trek story. If you haven’t read my previous blog, you can check it here. Now, let’s begin our adventure!

Adjusting with New Morning Routine

If you aren’t used to trekking like myself, it’s essential to create a routine to help your body adjusting more easily. In my case, during the trek, I wake up at 6:30 AM, have breakfast at 7 AM and hit the road by 7:30 AM. On the 3rd-day of trekking, my body is adjusting quite well with the new morning routine.

Before Dip and I started our journey to Dovan, we had toasts, baked potatoes, fried eggs, as well as milk tea for breakfast. As for the toasts, the hotel provided strawberry and orange jam (I like the orange better)! It might be just a simple breakfast, but it gave us enough energy to start the day.

Chhomrong to Dovan Trek

7:30 in the morning, it was still cold and foggy outside!
“Hopefully, it won’t rain today!” I murmured.
“You ok, David?” asked Dip.
“Yeah, fine. Honestly, I’m super excited! I just hope, it won’t rain today!”
“Ah, right, You’re worried about the weather! Do you bring a raincoat with you?” He replied.
“No. I wasn’t prepared.”
“It’s alright. Have you seen the traditional raincoat? We’ll get one at the next stop.” Dip said.


I have no idea what a traditional raincoat was. I thought it might be made by leaf or something. It wasn’t! Turned out, it’s a big bright colour trash bag that’s cut in half. Hahaha! Super creative!

Chhomrong to Dovan is around 6 hours trek through Sinuwa and Bamboo. It takes approximately two hours to get to each village. After about an hour hike from Chhomrong, the sun was rising, and the temperature was getting warmer. At this point, wearing jacket seemed unnecessary. I took off my jacket and captured some breathtaking pictures.

Meeting New Trekking Buddies in Sinuwa Hill

By 9:30 AM, Dip and I reached Sinuwa Lodge & Restaurant, at Real Sinuwa Hill. It was quite a struggle to get there since the stair was a bit steep. When I was putting my bag on the chair, a friendly black dog greeted me from behind. The dog was literally lying next to my legs.

While Dip was ordering black tea, I opened a small pack of chocolate brownie. As I started to eat the brownies, the mysterious black dog was looking at me, making cute noises as if he was asking for some. I gave the dog a slice of the brownie, and he ate it right away.
Me: “Dip look! This dog likes the brownie. Do you think people sell this kind of brownie here?”
Dip: “Hahaha. Looks like he’s hungry. I’m not sure, but I’ll ask the lady.”

Dip then looked for another pack of brownie, while I was wiping the wet chairs (apparently, it was raining earlier). At the same time, three trekkers were coming my way.
Brazilian Trekker (BT): “Seems like your dog loves to eat brownies.”
Me: “I guess so. It’s not my dog tho. I just met him here.”
BT: “I see, I thought you were hiking with your dog. Anyway, the view is breathtaking here, isn’t it?”
Me: “I wish I am. Indeed, it’s quite nice and peaceful.”

The Himalayan view from Sinuwa Hill, Nepal.

Almost 30 minutes went by. The Brazilian Trekker and a German couple told Dip and I that they’d have lunch in Sinuwa and stay overnight in Bamboo. Since Dovan was our final destination of the day, Dip and I decided to continue our hike. We didn’t have lunch just yet because it was still at around 10 AM when we left the restaurant.

We left Sinuwa without the black dog. I tried to lure the dog to follow us, but apparently, he was sleepy after eating the brownies. There are a lot of homeless dogs roaming around the trek. They usually follow trekkers to get some foods and left them once they’re full, or the trekker has no more food.

An Unexpected Guest

Dip and I were hiking quite slow and extra careful due to the narrow and slippery road. At some point, two trekkers were passing over us. Behind them, there was a black dog that I fed earlier in Sinuwa.
Dip: “Hey David, here’s your dog coming.” Shouted Dip from behind.
Me: “Hey boy! What are you doing here? Are you going with us?”

Just like that, the dog is now attached with us. I thought, he’d just pass by and follow other trekkers. He didn’t. The dog followed us instead. I named him Sinuwa, and he responded well to my command. Since then, he leads the way to Bamboo. He came at the right time. My JBL was out of power. At least, I have another toy to play with.

As we were getting closer to Bamboo, Bamboo trees lined up on both sides of the road. The thing about hiking in Nepal is you will always exchange greetings with other trekkers. It’s not a Hi or Hello, it’s “Namaste” instead. That was exactly what I received from a couple who was coming from the opposite direction. They even complemented Sinuwa.
Couple: “Nice dog!” they said as they passed by.
Me: “Thanks. Take care!”
Couple: “You too.”

View of Machapuchare mountain, Sinuwa-Bamboo Trek, Nepal.

Dip, Sinuwa and I arrived in Bamboo at around 12:15 PM, just in time for lunch. Dal Bhat for Dip, fried rice for me, and an omelette for Sinuwa. As usual, we ordered black tea for drink. The sky was quite dark when we arrived. Just a few minutes after we finished our lunch, it started raining. The temperature dropped drastically. Dip and I moved into the restaurant, while Sinuwa was sleeping under the table outside.

Dip and I had been waiting for the rain to stop for more than an hour. The rain was getting lighter, it just never stopped completely. We decided to buy traditional raincoats and continue our hike anyway. Sinuwa was still asleep under the table. I left Sinuwa in Bamboo because I didn’t want him to hike in the middle of the rain.

My new friends from Dovan

It took around 2 hours to get to our final destination of the day. Approximately at 4 PM, Dip and I arrived in Dovan. We checked into our room and snacking outside the hotel’s restaurant. The sky was quite dark, and I could smell rain is coming. Dip and I still had time snacking outside the hotel restaurant tho.

At this point, another brown dog was approaching me. Guess what did I do! Yes, I shared my chicken curry with him. I named him browny the II. Hahaha. As I was about to finish my food, another little white dog was sitting on my left. He looked starving and cold. I couldn’t help but order back potatoes with an omelette.

Browny the II is quite a big dog, so I assumed, he was still hungry and waited for more food. Browny was quite upset when I shared the rest of my food with the white dog (I named him Number 5). Once my second order arrived, I gave the food for Number 5 and Browny separately. Browny was quite a cheater tho, he finished his meal quickly and started to eat Number 5’s food. Luckily it began to rain, Browny run and hide somewhere. It gave enough time for Number 5 to finish his meal.

For the record, I’ve always known that I’m an animal lover. I just never knew that I have the aura to attract dogs. Hehehe! I’m blessed!

Interesting Dining Experience

Later that evening, I didn’t see both Browny and Number 5. I guessed they might be somewhere, following someone else, just like other typical Himalayan dogs. At around 8 PM, Dip went to the kitchen to order our meals. He asked me to wait at the dining area, which was located next to the main building.

Once I opened the squeaky door, all I could see was a dark and spooky room with a few big tables and cold chairs. I didn’t know where the switcher was, I chose the corner table anyway. It was deep in the room, yet away from the door. The room was cold and quiet. I could hear the rain and as well as the noises from the river.

A few minutes went by, I heard a squeak. The door was half open, and I heard someone was shouting behind the door. Two people entered the room. The first person went to another side of the entrance to turn on the lamp. The second person who walked toward me was Dip. The room was still cold, but at least it wasn’t dark anymore.


That evening, I planned to eat Dal Bhat for the first time, which wasn’t the best idea. Since I ate fried rice for lunch, my stomach couldn’t handle another heavy meal. Luckily, Dip was ordering a light meal, so we swapped our meals.

Reunited with my best friend!

After having dinner, Dip and I went straight back to our room. Surprisingly, Sinuwa was waiting right in front of our door. His tail began to wag, he was very excited. I reached my bag and started to feed Sinuwa his favourite (chocolate and strawberry) brownies.

Since it was freezing outside, I let Sinuwa sleep inside our room. He was really quiet and well-behaved. At around midnight, Sinuwa started barking and howling. It wasn’t his fault tho. He was just answering the howl from a distance. That moment I decided to let him stay outside. I was a bit worried at first, but he managed to sleep quietly in front of my room until the next morning.

Thanks for reading the second part of my ABC Trek journey, read the next part of my story here. If you enjoyed reading this blog, please share it with your friends and family. Namaste! ๐Ÿ™‚