Amsterdam Weekend Away Ideas

Amsterdam Weekend Away Ideas

17th October 2017 0 By Admin

As is the case with most big capital cities that I have found, they are great for weekends away and are packed with a vast variety of places to go sightseeing, shopping, and generally looking around. Amsterdam is not that different. The city contains dozens of places to go that are going to be great fun for you and whoever you’re going therewith. There are places for seeing slightly strange things that you wouldn’t necessarily see at home to important historical sites and institutions that I found hugely interesting.


Anne Frank’s House

Anne Frank’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam, Netherlands.

One of the most famous places to visit, possibly in all of Europe is Anne Frank’s house. I heard for years how it’s a must-visit, and it indeed wasn’t disappointing. You get to learn so much about her life and the lives of those she lived therewith. There is also a tremendous amount of information to learn about the events of World War 2 in general. You can also easily find very informative tour guides who are massively knowledgeable about the contents of the museum. I think a 9 € ticket per adult (18+) for the tour is very reasonable as it gets you to go and look round one of the most important and iconic landmarks in modern European history. Click here for more info related to admission prices.


Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Canal Cruise is one of the most famous tours in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

If you have time during a long weekend in Amsterdam, I would highly recommend finding a canal cruise to go on. The city’s waterways are beautiful and offer a very comprehensive look at the city from all possible angles. You get to observe so many different aspects of Amsterdam’s history and culture. Amsterdam Canal Cruise is extremely interesting and varied compared to a lot of other cities. They’re the perfect place to have a relaxing trip around the town and allow you to fully appreciate its beauty.


De Wallen

One of the strangest places I have been was De Wallen, probably the most famous red-light district in the entire world. Being able to view the many different types of people proudly on show throughout the streets was a truly bizarre experience. However, it must be something that is rooted deep in Amsterdam’s culture. Even if the actual situation of those you see in the windows makes you uncomfortable, there are many parts of the area which isn’t so vulgar and are still just as architecturally stunning.


The Floating Market

Flowers at the floating market, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Another incredibly famous site that I felt I had to visit was the floating market. There may not have been as many flowers as I expected, but there were still a vast number of stalls, all stocking an incredible array of beautiful flowers. The sights and smells of the area are unique, and it’s a very unusual way to go shopping. It is, however, definitely worth a visit. Amsterdam’s beauty is on show nowhere better than here, and in my opinion, this is one of the best sights that Amsterdam has to offer.


Dam Square

The town square in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

With the main street in Amsterdam, the Damrak passing through, and its location in the center of the city is definitely a very easy place to get to. Always bustling and full of exciting sights it’s both a classic city center as well as a quiet and relaxing place to be. The shops offer everyone there a great variety of products. It also has loads of brilliant attractions which could easily keep you entertained for a whole day if you so desired. Even if you are only in Amsterdam for a few days, this is definitely one of the most must-see places in all of the city. Dams Square is indeed the heart and soul of Amsterdam.


The Amsterdam Royal Palace

Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This is located right on Dam square, and so they go hand in hand. It is brimming with history and dates back to the 16th Century, making it the oldest secular building in all of Europe. The tours are, in my opinion, very well priced. Here you can find all sorts of interesting pieces relating to Dutch history. You can also hire a tour guide who will provide more insight and context into what you see as you go round. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re already in Dam Square. It’s undoubtedly the most interesting historical place in the city.


NEMO Science Museum

NEMO Science Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This place is the definition of heaven for science and technology freaks. They have super fun and informative exhibitions. As visitors, we could also engage with the fantastic array of technology on the show. People could get to feel first-hand what the curator explained to them. Awesome, right? The building itself is incredibly designed and acts as its own tourist attraction. As it’s great to look from the inside, the view from outside the building is also spectacular. The facilities are excellent with a lovely little rooftop café. It simply was one of the most enjoyable places in the city.

Amsterdam is full of incredibly exciting things to do, and it’d be impossible to fit them all in one weekend. I found that the beauty of local culture enhanced the experience of everything there. In brief, Amsterdam will always be a perfect option for a weekend away. That’s all, folks. As always, stay safe and happy travelling!

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